Our animal family is growing year by year. The most faithful friend is a BOSMAN labrador, very fond of our large and the smallest guests. The Society keeps his Tofi cat. Bosman’s puppy is a miniature piglet LOLA, who grew up with Bosman and now as an adult she tries to live alone. Just like Bosman Lola is a big lover and loves food. The appetite is also added to a pet dog named IRYS, who hooks on the remaining animals and tries to nibble on them. The latest addition is the miniature WIETRZYK, which is fast and nimble as the wind of the early wind. Wietrzyk is a very social and welcoming to our guests in the car park. He is a fan of good cars and sometimes has a great temptation to get in. His curiosity of the world and its people is astonished. We hope that our family will continue to grow and other interesting animals will come to us. Each of our animals has a strong personality, and they also share a friendly disposition and people’s curiosity. We are happy to see how they all live in symbiosis, play and catch.